About Us

The History Students Association is a course union which aims to bring together students and professors with a common interest in history by hosting a number of social and intellectual events throughout the year. The HSA encourages students to get involved in running for office, volunteering for our academic conference, volunteering to help organize our trips and movie nights, etc. Feel free to contact any of the following officers with any questions and/or comments:


Thomas Strange (President)
Email Address: jacktheblack4444@yahoo.com
Enrollment Status: Undergraduate Student
Major: American History

Julie M. Powell (Vice President)
Email Address: jmcclain@mail.sfsu.edu
Enrollment Status: Graduate Student
Major: Europe Since 1500

Natalie Mallett (Secretary)
Email Address: nmallett@mail.sfsu.edu
Enrollment Status: Undergraduate Student
Major: American History

Lindsay Ehrisman (History Conference/Event Coordinator)
Email Address: ehrisman@mail.sfsu.edu
Enrollment Status: Graduate Student
Major: African History

Valdeir Faria-Filho (History Conference/Event Coordinator)
Email Address: valdeir@mail.sfsu.edu
Enrollment Status: Undergraduate Student
Major: Middle Eastern History

HSA's blog — The Primary Source: A Database of Online Historical Archives — is a database of online resources which provide access to primary source historical materials. Our goal is to provide history students with a resource with which to further engage with primary sources in their scholarly research and writing. By collecting as many online historical archives together as possible and properly labeling them according to period and area, we hope to create a useful tool that will help interested students find new and exciting primary sources to engage with. All users are invited to suggest new additions to the blog for administrative review and, if approved, inclusion. Further, users are encouraged to leave comments on each blog entry, detailing the archive's various strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, a collaborative community of history students is brought together and, we believe, a larger project of promoting and improving scholarly research and writing within our student body is begun.