Soviet Archives at Info-Russ


"Ideology and Politics of Soviet Communist Party (KPSS); Ideology and Propaganda; Media: newspapers, radio, TV; Cultural events, science, economy; Internal Affairs; KPSS and Terror in the USSR; Prior to 1975; 1975 - 1991; Suppression of Dissisdents; 1960-1969; 1970-1979; after 1980; Sakharov; Solzhenitsyn; Use of Psychiatry for Political Purpose; Perestroika; KPSS and Communist World; KPSS and Non-Communist World; Communist Terror in the World; Europe, North America; Asia; Africa; Central and South America; KPSS and Peace Propaganda; Some Aspects of Soviet International Politics; USA; Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; Poland; Olympic Games, 1980; Chronological List of All Documents with section cross-references (in Russian)"

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