Seventeen Moments in Soviet History


"An on-line archive of primary source materials on Soviet history. Seventeen Moments in Soviet History contains a rich archive of texts, images, maps and audio and video materials from the Soviet era (1917-1991). The materials are arranged by year and by subject, are fully searchable, and are translated into English. Students, educators, and scholars will find fascinating materials about Soviet propaganda, politics, economics, society, crime, literature, art, dissidents and hundreds of other topics.

Bolsheviks Seize Power
Kronstadt Uprising
Death of Lenin
Soviet Champagne
Year of the Stakhanovite
Great Fergana Canal
Orthodox Patriarch Appointed
End of Rationing
Virgin Lands Campaign
Khrushchev's Secret Speech
First Cosmonaut
Crisis in Czechoslovakia
Seventeen Moments in Spring
Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears
Meltdown in Chernobyl
End of the Soviet Union"

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