The National Archives: The Road to Partition 1939-47

"The end of the British Empire in India in August 1947 resulted in the creation of two separate states of India and Pakistan. The division was based on religious lines, a Muslim majority in Pakistan and a Hindu majority in India. Pakistan itself was split into two parts in the east (East Bengal, which became Bangladesh in 1971) and in the west (western Punjab). This event was to result in the biggest mass migration in history. Over 18 million people migrated to join their particular religious majority. At least a million people died in communal violence in the process.

Contents of Archive:

Indian army recruitment 1939-44
Indian troops in France
Bhave antiwar speech
Gandhi on Dominion status
Cripps, Nehru and Gandhi
Gandhi meeting ban
Wavell new Viceroy
Civil disobedience
Bose on the radio
Bose's failure
Profile of Chandra Bose
Calcutta jute
Jinnah calls for Pakistan
Jinnah to Stafford Cripps
Calcutta riots
Britain's India policy
US reaction to UK withdrawal
Risks of partition
Jinnah on partition
Churchill to PM Attlee
Map of possible partition
Mountbatten radio broadcast
Soviet reaction
Communal disturbances
Attlee on partition violence
Evaluating partition
Analysis of future relations
India-Pakistan relations
Movement of refugees
Kashmir and Sikh reaction
The Liberator
Outstanding problems"

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