Italian Life under Fascism: Selections from the Fry Collection

"As this virtual exhibit suggests, the Fry Collection affords rich possibilities for research, and we owe much to Jack Fry, professor emeritus of physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for his care in assembling the collection and his generosity in giving it to the Department of Special Collections. The Fry Collection itself contains many hundreds of printed items, ranging from single broadsides to large volumes, along with extensive archival material. Items in this virtual exhibit date from the period 1922-1945, but the Fry Collection as a whole speaks to aspects of Italian history and culture from the Renaissance through the 20th century. A later exhibit, "More from the Fry Collection," complemented this virtual one."

Education; Mussolini's foreign adventures; Fascist propaganda; Family life; Il Duce; Fascist youth organizations; Women and Fascism; The racial question; Culture under Fascism; Opposition to Fascism; End of the Fascist regime; The Paduan trial of the Banda Carità.

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