Istituto Luce (Cinecittà Luce)

"The Archives of the Istituto Luce maintains a vast heritage of film and photographic records made of their own production (since 1924, the year of his birth) and from private collections and audiovisual funds acquired from various sources over time.

The assets are currently comprised of 12,000 newsreels, documentaries and 4,700 from other types of films ranging from the origins of cinema until the documentation of events and social life for decades. They are also preserved in the archives of one million meters of "shot not mounted" that make up the "repertoire" Incom and Light, now being cataloged and computerized.

To this are added about 3 million photographs of production or light from outside, now in the process of sorting and scanning.

The various heads of newsreels covering a period stretching from 1928 to 1990 and are constituted by the Newspapers Light ", produced by the same institute in the Fascist period, and various news of the Republican period acquired later.

The fund includes the documentary "subjects" produced by the Institute between 1924 and 1943, the documentaries made or distributed by the Company as part of its official duties after the war and all acquisitions of material produced externally (starting sixties).

The "miscellaneous" includes minor provisions acquired by public and private. Among the most important are: a long interview with Edda Ciano Mussolini, the "repertoire of uncertain" featuring clips and movies about World War I, a fund indexes on the October Revolution and the early years of Soviet history.

Also available in the Archives of Light, by virtue of recent conventions, funds belonging to third parties, such as some heads of the National Film newsreels of the National Film School, a fund of the Central State audiovisual, some movies do not fiction of the Film Library of Friuli, a documentary fund of the General Staff of the Army.

The Archive of Light has received recognition for Archive of "great historical interest" by the Archival Superintendency for Lazio, in accordance with law 241/1990."

(The preceding text was taken from the "Chi siamo" ("Who we are") section of Istituto Luce's website and translated by Google Translator).

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