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"Digitized copies of the African Times (1865-1874) along with commentary from scholars and members of the community.

The African Times is an important source for British, West African, and Atlantic history. However, it has often been difficult to access. The only known hard copy is held in the British Newspaper Library in Colindale, and only two microfilm copies seem to be in existence. It is my hope that the digitization of this important resource will contribute to research and pedagogy of the histories of these regions and networks, and allow us especially to hear the voices of Africans, Afro-Britons, and Africans of the diaspora in the Americas.

This digital database was developed with the permission of the British Newspaper Library and the assistance of BMI, as well as the financial support of the San Francisco State University department of history. It is presented through the DIVA system developed by BSS computing at San Francisco State University. DIVA is intended to be a collaborative system, and users of The Digital African Times are required to submit research reports of sample assignments in return for rights to use the system. Use is by invitation only.

At this time, only the years 1866-1872 are available online, but we hope to complete the database in the near future, pending the donation of sufficient funds."

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